was a website I purchased back around 2003 and was built on Cold Fusion and Access and ran on windows 2000. I upgraded the site initially to run on a LAMP setup using MySQL and FoxPHP. Later on it was updated to run off Wordpress and a custom template of my own design. The current version runs on Symphony2 and bootstrap.

The main focus of the site has always been music reviews, band interviews and music related news with additional features like band profiles, album lyrics and much more. My main interest in the site was a love of music and helping independent bands in promotions of their music as well as keeping an archive of bands and the music. Over the years it has given me a chance to see hundreds of bands and listen to thousands of albums. Unfortunately 3 years ago there was a massive backup failure and the site went dark during this time. But with my time off over the last year getting the site updated and live has been a major focus and a great platform to get up to date on some of the latest technologies and changes to PHP and other web development standards.

Music reviews, interviews and band information

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  • Released:1/1/2000
  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony2, Wordpress, Bootstrap
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