This for that is a project I started with a few people to fill a need that has not been fully filled online. The idea is simple; you have stuff you don’t want, and you want to trade it for stuff you do. We wanted to give people the ability to setup items they have for trade, and then they could offer their items (or be offered items) in exchange for items they did want. Some sites like Craigslist have the ability to trade and barter, but their system is not setup in a way to offer proper or useful functionality.

The goal of this for that is to allow customers the ability to trade one or more items with other people for one or more items.

The site in its current state offers responsive flexibility until a dedicated mobile application can be created. The site also offers keeping track of customers locations to easily find items in their general area, to easily and quickly upload images and add products, and simple communication to help build onto each item they have listed and to increase the chances of trades happening.

Barter, trade and selling portal

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