EzShip is a web based kiosk interface that gives customers the easily ship packages from any location. The system allows customers to weigh packages, choose package shipping types, choose shipping types and then process credit card transactions and print shipping labels. The system is setup to handle 5 shipping providers but specifically focused on support for UPS and FedEx.

The application is built of ASP.Net and communicates with shipping providers by communicating with APIs by the shipping providers through the use of XML. The system also supports over 200 transaction providers for credit card processing using a previous application I helped develop.

EzShip was specifically designed to support any of the thousands of existing clients who use kiosk software developed by Showcase as well as the Showcase backend system so client data is reused and reports, refunding, revering transactions, etc. was built off existing systems.

Web based Internet kiosk for shipping packages from air ports, hotels, business centers and UPS stores.

  • Company:Showcase
  • Released:April 1st 2015
  • Technologies: ASP.Net
  • Website: Unavailable