Kioskwatch is the product of over 10 years of development and continued support. The overall suite has grown to support hundreds of features and when it was first released many of the core features were not available through any other applications.

Kioskwatch was more than just a web application. It included a total of 5 different applications all working in sync with one another providing different features.

Kioskwatch web application. The main interface for managing kiosks. From here users could monitor real time using a heartbeat application on each kiosk about any issues the kiosk may be experiencing with different degrees of alerts and notifications. From hardware malfunctions such as the keyboard being disconnected, to problems with internet connectivity or general usage.

Clients were also able to remotely execute applications, or to push files, applications, batch files, or remote execution of programs remotely to one or many kiosks at one time.

The interface also offered dozens of reports available to the clients. From payments, or usages to applications run, credit card data and much more.

The Kioskwatch web application also included a location and equipment management system for tracking inventory, location details and contact information. Clients could easily view or update a locations information, or retrieve information what hardware was installed at different locations.

Finally Kioskwatch also included AdSys, our advertisement system for displaying advertisements on kiosks or digital signage. The system was specifically designed to bypass firewalls and not requiring updates to routers by utilizing file transfers over HTTP. The system also allowed real time ad tracking, enabling or disabling advertisements, and the ability to push large videos, images or other content to kiosks to improve displaying performance.

Kioskwatch Remote was the web service that allowed communication to and from client kiosks. This webservice consumed and created XML data allowing updates to the Kioskwatch application, or updates to one to many kiosks at a time. Later on the Kioskwatch Remote web service was expanded on and became the primary application used for pushing or pulling data between kiosk and servers.

Kioskwatch installer. For kiosks we used a single installer that included 3 applications. The GUI that was used to setup, enable / disable the application, a service that handled sending and receiving XML data between the kiosk and server, and a process that handled any of the remote commands sent to the kiosk. The service and processes also worked with one another to insure both were running and can checks to insure both were running as intended and completing the tasks required of them.

Kiosk monitoring, remote management and push technology.

  • Company:KioskLogix
  • Released:6/1/2009
  • Technologies: ASP.Net, HTML, Jquery, VB.Net
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