Justrage may be considered offensive and should be considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW). The site does contain offensive language.

I purchased Justrage back in 2003 because I liked the concept of a site where users would voice their anger about things and get it off their chest anonymously instead of holding it in or letting it build up and have a negative effect on their life. Because it is a site for people to voice their anger some of the content can be aggressive, offensive or just out right crude. Occasionally there are people who confuse anger with hatred such as racist posts which is the only content we try to moderate. For several years the site was number one in search engines for anger related search results such as I hate my husband, I hate my parents and so on.

The site has received several major updates over the years and also experienced one major backup failure losing 2 years of content. Overall the site has had over 35,000 registered users even though anonymous posting is allowed, 95,000 user comments, and 10,000 submitted “rages”.

Anonymous anger posting site

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  • Released:13/1/2003
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