Distillate is my attempt at promoting safe best practices in the hobby of home distilling. There is information still used that is 50 – 100 years old that has been passed on though books, word of mouth and these days online. Some of this information is unsafe, not reliable or just downright dangerous. With the popularity of home distilling growing someone needs to check the facts and supply the proper ways of distilling at home.

Because one of the main focuses with the site is research and verification of existing information the content for the site can be quite time consuming. But because the information is 100% accurate and verified we can insure that people are able to safely enjoy the hobby and learn more about the science and techniques used.

Along with techniques the site also explains the best practices in making the different equipment that is used as well as proper maintenance and handling of materials. For people who don’t make their own equipment research into pre-made designs is available as well as reviews as to why some equipment should and should not be used.

And finally the main driving source of SEO will be recipes to use as well as calculators, graphics and additional tools users will find useful.

Home distilling resource including recipes, hardware manufacturing, safety and research.

  • Company:Personal project
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  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony2
  • Website: www.distillate.net