01isk.com is a website dedicated to the MMO game Eve Online, specifically the player generated market and the industry side of game play. The Eve online market is almost entirely created by the player base. From building materials, to ships and ammo to even the giant star bases players can deploy. Because of this knowing the markets can make or break a player. Knowing what items can be built for a profit is a key detail all industry focused players need to know.

The final goal for the site will not only be market related data, but also a resource for all items in the game, building/research requirements, and all the tools that players can benefit from. By using the Eve Crest API, and 3rd party market scraping tools users will be able to get up to date information on market prices over the entire universe and then plan orders or build plans accordingly.

Market & industry tools for Eve Online.

  • Company:Personal project
  • Released:Not yet released
  • Technologies: PHP, Symfony2, Eve API
  • Website: www.01isk.com